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Aren't you an interesting, free-spirited, intelligent, & beautiful human!

You must be since you're interested in our stuff. 

If you're a hippie, a yogi, a travel junkie, a boho queen or just your beautiful self, we have decor to fit your style.

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Save Time, Don't Clean Your Windows, Buy Our Stuff

We have all sorts of lovely things here. Bohemian, Boho, & Gypsy Wedding Decor, Hippie Stuff, Handmade Stuff, and Eco-friendly Goods of All Sorts. 

We have stuff for every room of your house, your car, your porch, and even some lovely stained glass sun catchers to cover up your dirty windows (cuz we'll take any excuse not to clean windows). Whatever you find here is designed to help make your home or event as beautiful and unique as you!

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See lovely things, learn stuff, be amused, & save some cash.

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