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How to Make a Grapevine Wreath, Hot Farm Boy Optional

I've wanted to make a Grapevine Wreath for a gazillion years, but for some reason, suspected it would be an intensive process that required years of foraging knowledge, a hiking expedition up Everest, a chainsaw, full body armour, and a baby pool. Oddly, none of those things are necessary.  As it turns out, all you actually need is large, strapping farm boy, a tree trimmer, and a few expletives.   I'm not sure how the above-mentioned correlates exactly to grapevines, but that's how I acquired mine. [caption width="4608" align="alignnone"]Hot, strapping farm boy, unnecessary chainsaw, and some tree that's not a...

Off With Their Heads! 

It's oft been said to me that being Queen of the Universe must be a terrribly difficult position to hold, what with all the responsibility. But I can assure you, it's not all bad. You get a nice chair. And your minions take care of all the mindless, exhausting tasks the average peon is burdened with on a daily basis.  I have Maeve, the royal tooth brusher, Louis, the royal dress picker outer, and of course my royal food testers. I can't be bothered to recall any of their names... they're always clutching their throats and flailing about. Miserable lot,...

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We've taken our love of glass to the next level, and we're so excited to present our first foray into the stained glass world with these Patchwork Peace Sign Suncatchers! Catch some colorful sun.  Feelin' crazy? Wear them all huge on a chain like Flav-o-flav.....they're lead-free. (Don't really... they're too big. You'll look ridiculous.)

Herb o' the Month: My Preeeeciouuuus Carol Salad Burnet

Lost in the dreary doldrum of winter, my eyes gaze out upon my dry, crunchy garden, brown silhouettes the only reminder of the once lush, invigorating kaleidoscope of life that filled those sturdy wooden boxes. Though only a few short months ago, it feels like eons since I've laid eyes on anything green. When fwaaaabaaaapppp! Just like being whacked in the face with a flacid pickle, a tiny sprig of life comes quickly to view, peeking out from under a thick blanket of snow. I move with great trepidation towards this emerald wonder, one foot silently in front of the...

And new to the stage.....our very own Super Colorful, Multifunctional, Hanging Glass Globe Vase Lantern. With a Tassel.

Brandy new Tassel Glass Globes. Cuz who says ya have to be a stripper to rock tassels?  Multifunctional. Use it to store fresh cut flowers, herbs, succulents, candles or even a lil faerie dust. Whatever tickles your tassel fancy. Handcrafted, reasonably priced for gifting, and available in the shop now!