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A 'Lil Blog Love

I had the opportunity recently to send some of my products for review to Katie Bailey of
Photo by Katie Bailey, added with admiration to my blog...please click on above link to view her blog!
What a great girl with a super fun site dedicated to camping, backpacking and other generally cool stuff (and an incredibly adorable dog!).
She's written a lovely review on two of my products: Lip balms and Happy Face.
Many Thanks to Katie!  Stop by her blog and show a little love:)
Know any great blogs related to the outdoors, sustainable living, homesteading or the like?
Let us know! Comment below.

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  • Hi Eileen!
    I’ll make you a reserved listing on the site and send you a link for the Real A Peel. ? Thank you for the compliment too! Talk to ya soon!


  • Hi Shanie, I just reordered some Anti Stinky Butt Spray, but would also like some more of the Orange A Peel Spray if you are still making it, I didn’t see it on the purchasing site?? LOVE all the cool glass things you have made, will be purchasing some for Christmas gifts.

    Eileen Wanamaker

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