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Set of 3 Easter Mason Jar Hanging Vase Lanterns Outdoor Patio Lighting Pastel Pink Purple Blue Aqua Candle Holder Yard Garden Art

Regular price $ 38.99

Stop that Peter Cottontail right in his tracks with this Set of 3 bright and whimsical, versatile hanging vase lanterns. That crazy bunny will be so stunned at your decorating prowess that you'll be able to fill your Easter basket to the brim before he knows what hit him!

-Add fresh cut flowers to match any season.
-Beautiful addition for a little girl's room decor.
-Throw in a tea light or votive for a unique candle holder.
-Fill with candy to make the coolest Easter basket're sure to win the Best Auntie, Mon, Uncle, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa ever in the universe award (if that wasn't a thing yet, it is now)!
-Made entirely with ecofriendly materials. Can be used outdoors.

Set of 3 (one purple, one aqua, one pink) come with Silvertone Daisy cut lids and our proprietary hand wrapped wire wrap and handle for strength and durability.